The UK is in the grips of a housing crisis. Few could deny that we are not building enough homes, but so far there seems little consensus about how we solve it!

The figures are there for all to see – we build only around 40% of the homes needed every year, thereby continuing to make the problem worse year on year.

Politicians and businesses welcome an increase in house prices as a sign that the economy is recovering, but this just makes the matter worse again – fewer and fewer affordable homes available in the areas where they are most needed and not enough new build to improve things. The real problem we need to be addressing centres around the supply of housing, but too often we are deflected into other marginal debates. In the run up to the next general election I would hope to see much more attention from all political parties on housing as a key electoral issue, with real solutions addressing the real problems (but then I always was a bit of an optimist!).

As the debate continues I will add blogs to the home page, but some documents and blogs that act as a useful starting point and somewhere to keep up with the debate are listed below:


Alex’s Archives – blogs on housing and lots of other stuff

Housing network – blog from the Guardian

Jules Birch – blog on politics and social housing

Red Brick – housing blog linked to Labour Housing Group

Shelter – social housing blog

Useful Reading:

TCPA – Re-imagining Garden Cities for the 21st Century

Shelter – Solutions for the Housing Shortage

Policy Exchange – Why aren’t we building enough homes?


The Question remains – what do we need to do to provide the right homes in the right place at the right price?

1 thought on “Housing

  1. I think we should be honest and say we will never keep up with demand, especially as the population is predicted to hit 70 million in less than a decade. We could do things like limiting homes to one per family, limiting population growth, the unthinkable of making families live in houses of the size required, or even going back to what was standard in the past, of having more than one generation sharing, but none of these will happen and my guess we will be asking this same question well into the future.


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