A while back I used to write stuff, more than just blogs, and some of it got published, so there’s a list below, most of it was based on my research at the time. There’s probably more, I’ll add them if I can remember and find them.

Coombes. T with Ayres, S, & Sandford, M, 2017, ‘Policy-making ‘front’ and ‘back’ stage: Assessing the implications for effectiveness and democracy’. British Journal of Politics and International Relations, vol 19., pp. 861-876

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Coombes T (1994) Reducing the need to travel: the importance of neighbourhood planning. Paper for the VIIth AESOP-Congress, Augus 20-24 1994, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Coombes T (1991) Planning Consultants. Housing & Planning Review, June/July.



More recently I contributed to the development of the Bristol 2050 vision written up as a book: Savage, J. (2011) 2050 High in Hope. Bristol: Business West. I also wrote quite a few blogs when I was at Business West – they can be found here


My current blogs find their way to a number of other blog sites such as Guerrilla Policy and Guerrilla Feed, Stockwood Pete’s blog and Bristol blogsI also write an occasional piece for Bristol 24-7 and have written a few blogs for Policy & Politics




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