Picture Gallery

As I have travelled around and seen different places and spaces I have collected some photos of good and bad examples of planning, transport and design. I’ll share some of those on here.

Now that’s what I call a tram! Why can’t Bristol get one of these?


Social Housing in Vienna – interesting design and innovation. DSCN1037DSCN1034

Vauban District – Freiburg

Often held up as an environmental triumph and showcase – also a lovely place to look around!



Transport in Freiburg just seems to work better, more integrated, more flexible.


I loved this building, it’s part of a school in Freiburg, with a green roof so the children can run over and play on the structure as part of their playground. Also what a great way of disguising bike racks!


Confusing traffic junction but it seemed to work and what a great transport hub in the centre of a shopping street in Strasbourg.

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