On the blog – what’s popular?

TessaCoombes2I keep meaning to do a regular summary of what’s popular on this blog but only ever seem to manage it intermittently. So here’s a quick post on what you’ve been reading on my blog over the last few months. I’m always amazed that people read my blog – I know that may seem daft given I write it and publish it in a public arena, and that’s the point of doing it. But I do frequently find myself pleasantly surprised that people actually read it and take the time to comment on posts. I have no idea in the blog world what constitutes a good hit rate, numbers of comments or views, but for me the fact that more people seem to be visiting my blog every day is just great. It shows how far my initial idea has progressed from doing a few opinion pieces and staying visible to hopefully providing some slightly more considered posts, as well as rants about issues that irritate me!

Top 5 blog posts in the last 3 months:

Thank you for taking the time to engage with my blog and hope you enjoy my posts, even if you don’t agree with them? Now I’ve signed up to do a further 3 years of full time study in the hope of gaining a PhD, I plan to keep my blog going as an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on housing, planning, cities, politics and Bristol (and whatever else takes my fancy along the way).

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