Blogging for a year – how did that happen?

DSCN0159It’s almost exactly one year since I started this blog. I did so as a response to losing my job and finding I no longer had an outlet for comments, writing and thoughts. Where once it was part of what I did for a living, it now became a hobby, an opportunity to share comments and thoughts on a whole range of different issues, a place to rant and react to things, where I could just be me! A good friend of mine suggested to me at the time that it was important to stay visible and to maintain a profile, so for me that is also part of what blogging is about (seems to work to a point!).

During the last year I have managed to write nearly 50 blogs – not bad for a beginner? They range over a bit of a mix of topics, although politics, planning, housing and Bristol tend to feature throughout. I’ve gained a few loyal followers (thank you), lots of attention and received quite a few comments (thank you again). 

The top 5 blog posts over the year are as follows:

  1. Time for grown up politics
  2. Economic growth & poverty – LEPs take note!
  3. The South Bristol Link – A road to nowhere?
  4. The problem with housing policy: part 2
  5. Does Bristol need its own think tank?

 There’s a part of me that is always slightly bemused by the attention some of my blogs receive, after all, who am I to comment, and why would anyone take any notice, but I’m glad you do, it makes it worthwhile. There is a very real sense of satisfaction when people take the time to read what you have written and comment on it. So please do keep reading, enjoying, challenging, disagreeing and commenting. In return I’ll keep writing and commenting, ranting and raving!


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